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About NEED 2 WEAR!

The N2W journey started back in 2005 when the founder, made a couple of funny tees for friends for a fishing trip, the response was so good, that we started selling those, and added a lot of NEW DESIGNS, and plenty more to come.


"We knew we had something special when we combined our business sense with our graphic designs skills. Great ideas and unique looking concepts were created. Not only have we been able to create a great looking line of T-Shirts, but our vision is to grow into the leading Web-based T-Shirt company in North America.


Based out of LaPlaine Quebec Canada, N2W is dedicated to bringing unique, quality T-Shirts for people of all ages at a reasonable cost to Canadians and Americans alike, coast to coast. N2W Inc has also made it a priority to be active in its community.

All T-shirt are uniquely designed by N2W and are printed on Quality T-Shirts. You will discover that they make a great as a gift, great statements and cool fashions.













Please feel free to let us know your thoughs or Ideas.


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