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Need 2 Wear has made it a priority to be active in its community.

Weither it be to sponsor sporting events, local sports teams or even athletes, Need 2 Wear wants to be an example.


That is one of the reasons we offer custom design T-Shirts: Send us your team's/events logo, with a brief description of your needs, order the minimum required and get a great discount. Reselling them at a great low price for a perfect an easy fundraiser.



n2w fencing shirt


Recently, we have associated with an exceptionnal local elite athlete.


Julie Leprohon has been fencing since she was 12, was part of the Athens 4th place finishing Canadian Women's Epee. She has always found it quite challenging finding the necessary funds to help her through the intense preparation. She is now aiming for the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. Unable to find a steady job due to numerous competitions around the globe,Julie has concentrated on extending her student years. Qualifications include many competitions around the world, sign-up fees, equipment costs and living expenses. Julie currently is ranked 1st in Quebec, Second in Canada and 39th in the World in individual and part of Team Canada, ranked 5th in the world.


Need 2 Wear is proud to help Julie reach her dreams. As we grow larger, our contributions will also grow. Need 2 Wear has contributed underlying T-Shirts so help her save on equipment costs. This is only our first step, as we grow, so will our help...


More to come....


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